Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Moto Chic Jacket #2

I found this pretty turquoise corduroy at my local fabric store (Sarah's Fabrics) and decided to make another SBCC Moto Chic Jacket with it because my first one gets lots of compliments.  This was a hard one to find a matching zipper for, so I substituted circular buttonholes. The Craftsy course Couture Finishing Techniques with Alison Smith helped me with those. 
I felt like I borrowed BeyoncĂ©'s wind machine for these pictures.  The one above is suitable but if I'm being transparent almost all of the others looked like this:
Not okay! I could have waited for another day, but I don't have closure on a project until I've blogged it and I'm itching to move on to something else.

Besides the buttonholes, the only other change I made was to the lining.  The pattern lining doesn't extend to the hem, which leaves some of the innards exposed.  I extended the lining piece with the intention of slip stitching it to the corduroy hem.  I didn't take into account the gathered peplum, and so I had to settle for a free floating lining hem. 
Side view:

Onward to new things!


  1. I love the pattern and the color choice and round buttons make it exceptional.

  2. I love what you did with the second version! It is so nice, yet with a slight style change. I too have Alison's Craftsy class! It is good to know it helped you!

  3. Great job and (as always) your pictures are great too! Even windswept. I will have to check out that Craftsy class at the next sale. It isn't one that I am aware of.

  4. Amazing jacket, the colour is lovely and super buttonholes, I've not seen the lime that before.