Saturday, November 5, 2016

Colette Wren

I've been made fun of for not owning one single black garment.  But why choose black when you can choose, say, orange? Or a happy little print? Bright colors and prints aren't always appropriate for the occasion though, and that's where this dress comes in.
I needed a dark dress, and I had purchased the Colette Wren pattern awhile back but never got around to it.  I had also picked up this very thick fabric of unknown origin from the discount bin from a nearby Hancocks some months ago, and I decided I would combine the two.
I love the pattern.  I'll be making more because I enjoy the bodice quite a bit.  I also like the fabric well enough, but something happened at the waistband and I think it's a result of the fabric being made of some sort of synthetic something-or-other.  Do you see how it bulges and rides up on my right side at the waistline?  It's so strange!
I have to constantly pull it down for it not to do that.  And who wants to constantly be pulling something down?  I thought the heaviness of the skirt would pull the bodice down, but no.  I tried to press it from the inside, but melted the material and had to stop.  A press cloth didn't even help.  This fabric does not like heat and unfortunately I think heat is what it needs. 
I actually almost threw it in the reject pile because of the waistline, but then I decided I would give it a chance and wear it once.  I think it was reasonably successful, but I'm going to consider this a wearable muslin for this pattern which, again, I really do love.