Saturday, July 11, 2015

Deer & Doe Datura #2

Yes, you've seen this fabric before.  I just can't resist this Liberty print! I had enough left over from my Parfait to make another Datura because the yardage requirements are small.  It's also the lining to my Albion coat in case anybody is keeping tabs.  My first Datura is here.

I struggled deciding what fabric to choose for the yokes.  Originally I went with a solid orange but it was the wrong color.  Then I tried to pull out the blue flowers with a bright blue fabric but it didn't look right.  The green was my third choice.  Maybe I could have found something better but honestly I was tired of looking.
The corded piping is a bright orange wool crepe that is leftover from a skirt project I never wear.  When I have a sizable portion of fabric left over from a project, I always think I need to hang on to it.  Rarely do I ever use anything, but this was a perfect match.  It's almost neon orange by itself but when I put it with this top it looks ok. 
This is an easy enough top to put together, but I don't understand the shoulder seam construction at all so I skipped it.  I put the front yoke inside the back, started sewing where the neckline seam began and ended where the armhole line is.  I turned it right side out and it was fine.  The inside yoke is slipstitched in place, as is the inside of the green bias tape along the hem. 
Is anybody else participating in the Sew Mama Sew Community Sewing Match?  I'm tagging this one for it on Instagram.  Look up the contest if you've never heard of it! The contestants are on a deadline but the rest of us watching can play along at home until the end of August.