Monday, July 11, 2016

Grainline Maritime Shorts

My pant making process continues! As long as I get a little bit better each time I make a pair I'm considering the make a success.
Everywhere I turn people are raving about this pattern so I had to try it. It doesn't disappoint! The size 6 fits with no alterations which is the thing that always makes me the most nervous when I start thinking about sewing any type of pant. 
The Grainline tutorial for sewing the fly is amazing.  It makes it so easy! I'm proud of how my fly turned out on this one. Sorry you'll have to turn your head sideways. 
I chose a Ralph Lauren denim from Mood and it is extremely stiff.  I'm hoping if I wash the shorts a thousand times they will loosen up a bit.  Choosing fabric is hard. 
I don't know why pants are so hard for me to gear up for mentally.  I jump into everything else with both feet but jeans give me pause.  I think they seem intimidating to think about, but this pair was truly easy!  I'm not sure how often I will wear these but practice makes perfect.