Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deer & Doe Datura Blouse

This top marks a rare departure from Colette and Sewaholic patterns for me.  I really do need to branch out more because there is a lot of sewing goodness out there to choose from.  You'll recognize the fabric from a recent Sewaholic Hollyburn make.  I had quite a bit left over and I love it so much I couldn't resist making a top out of it.  The contrasting fabric is Cotton + Steel.  It's a quilting cotton but it's an exact match to the birds on the main fabric so I couldn't refuse.
The top goes together pretty easily.  The yoke is lined and I did think the method of sewing the shoulder seams felt a little odd.  Somehow when I arrived at the part of the instructions where I was supposed to stitch the neckline and armholes continuously I realized I had accidentally completed that in a previous step. I'm not sure what I did but it worked so we'll just go with it!
The pattern calls for 3 buttons along the back.  I had three chartreuse buttons picked out but they were too big and they felt a little obnoxious.  I decided to go with six buttons in two groupings instead when I found these in my stash.
You'll notice that the Xs are not straight on the yoke in the back.  I cut it on the fold without realizing it wasn't lining up straight and then I ran out of fabric.  When I went to the fabric store to purchase another 1/2 yard I found another Cotton + Steel print I thought I might like better.  When I brought it home it just didn't work as well.  I made the second my lining fabric instead of continuously purchasing 1/2 yards until I got it right.  Sometimes it's OK to let go.  Along the way in my sewing career I've apparently decided that if the mistake is in the back it's OK because I can't see it.  Works, right?
 I'm working on a Craftsy class right now for blouses.  I've got the fabric but I'm lacking the inspiration.  It's got to be around here somewhere!