Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sewaholic Granville #2

I tried to switch up my photo location by standing in front of a barn in the haze and wind.  I think I might just stick to my little wall from now on.  It never lets me down.

I had to squeeze in one last Granville before I start warm weather sewing. I don't have anything new to add, except saying that I don't think I'll get tired of making these or wearing them.   I love a gray/mustard combination in just about anything.  This was supposed to be a nice relaxing sew after my Pavot coat that took an entire month to complete, but I got compulsive about sewing over the last couple of days and stayed up way too late finishing. 

I did two new things with this version: tailors tacks on the bust darts and flat-felling the arm seam.  I think tailors tacks are probably most accurate, but I think I've decided I like drawing on my dart lines better because it gives me a line to follow.  And I had no idea how fiddly the flat-fell seam is on an armhole.  Is it just me or does that take forever? Was I just impatient?
As you can tell, I still have swayback issues which is extra sad because I did a swayback adjustment to the pattern (or so I thought).  I know the point of sewing your own clothes is to get a great fit but I was too lazy to try to fix it for this shirt.  Next time?  Or maybe never? Only time will tell.

The fabric is another Liberty print that I've been hoarding for several months.  The purpose of these next photos is to show my attempt at pattern matching on the pocket flaps.  It's not perfect but I'm satisfied with it.  May and Patrick are always talking about that on The Great British Sewing Bee and so I thought I should give it a go instead of slapping a pocket flap on there and hoping for the best. (***As an aside, I couldn't figure out how people were watching TGBSB season 2 because I couldn't find it when I searched YouTube on my laptop.  I noticed other people struggling as well. Then I thought to use my phone and there it was! Is that a browser issue? I don't know the lingo but help spread the word!)

When I uploaded these pictures I realized they highlighted an issue I had with this fabric.  If you look closely at the stitch lines you can see little loops.  Those don't normally occur with other fabrics.  Does anyone have ideas on why that might be occurring? I messed with tension and inserted a new needle with no luck.  I sew with a Bernina.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Me-Made-May '15

So, Zo..What Do You Know hosts an activity called the Me-Made-May challenge every May.  The objective is to wear one handmade garment every day for the month of May and document it on social networking sites.  Last year I barely had any handmade items so I pledged to wear handmade twice a week.  I was a flurry of sewing activity last summer due to being a RTW Faster, so I've counted 16 warm-weather handmade garments in my closet (so far!).  This year I'm taking the plunge and pledging to wear a handmade garment each day of May.  I'm also going to focus on completing a pair of jeans in May.  I may regret saying that.  If I don't post the finished product by May 31st, kindly forget I ever mentioned it. 

I'm not sure how I'll be documenting this but I know it won't be with a blog post every day.  The Flickr group, perhaps?

In other news, I very recently started an Evolution of a Sewing Goddess Instagram page.  I have one post.  One.  Tune in because you don't want to miss anything! Maybe I'll use Instagram to document Me-Made-May?!