Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Christine Haynes Sylvie Dress #2

I love this dress! I recently spent several weeks working on a blazer that ended badly and almost completely crushed my spirit.  I needed a sewing cleanse after that and this dress worked like a charm.
This is my first attempt at taking pictures with a tripod and the help of my little kids, which is why they are all crooked.  Working on that....
For my first Sylvie here, I chose a size 8 based on my measurements.  It was very big and I had to shave a lot off the back, so for this version I went with a straight 4 and it fits perfectly. 

I'm in love with this fabric that I purchased on Amazon.  It never occurred to me to look there for fabric until Oonaballoona posted about it.  It's very floaty, so I underlined it in a lightweight muslin. 
You'll have to turn your head to the side for this one because things aren't cooperating today, but that's a close up of the pockets and gathered skirt...

...and another sideways close-up of the three darts at the bust to provide shape. 

I wore this at the park and a 6 year old girl told me my dress was pretty.  You know 6 year old girls don't lie!

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