Sunday, January 31, 2016

SBCC Brooklyn Hoodie

This is a new pattern company for me and I enjoyed my first time sewing with them.  Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns recently released the Brooklyn Hoodie and I jumped on that bandwagon because my hoodie situation is sad.  There is a sewalong that goes along with it that was helpful, but the instructions are clear enough that you can do it without the sewalong. 
This was my first time sewing with french terry.  It's always fun to try something you've never had experience with before.  I ordered this fabric (and the fabric for what is going to be my last Granville this season at the end of this post) from Hell Gate Fabrics, which is new on the scene.  I enjoyed my shopping experience, and would recommend it to others.  I love independent pattern companies and fabric suppliers because they are so accessible.  The shipping is quick, and she even refunds your change on shipping if it comes under what she quoted. 
The quality is very nice and also very warm.  The sewalong gives some nice tips for this material.  I chose size small and if I had to do it over again I would have gone down a size just for this material.  It steams back into shape really well, but it's very stretchy as you wear it.
I attempted to sew twill tape along the hood seam and that proved to be a disaster.  I didn't like how it looked so I ripped it out and tore some big holes in my fabric while I was at it.  I sewed the hood seam again to encase those holes in my serger thread.  That little remnant of twill tape is staying put!
And here's my last Granville until next fall/winter.  This is a Japanese print from Hell Gate Fabrics and I had to have it because it was so unique.  I like to look in my closet and see four handmade button ups in happy prints. 


  1. Your hoodie turned out great!

  2. I love the hoodie, and the Granville. Both look very comfortable. I just ordered fabric to make my very own Granville for the first time. I'm excited!

  3. These both turned out beautifully! I love that you used the Japanese cotton for a Granville- it's awesome!