Thursday, April 9, 2015

Me-Made-May '15

So, Zo..What Do You Know hosts an activity called the Me-Made-May challenge every May.  The objective is to wear one handmade garment every day for the month of May and document it on social networking sites.  Last year I barely had any handmade items so I pledged to wear handmade twice a week.  I was a flurry of sewing activity last summer due to being a RTW Faster, so I've counted 16 warm-weather handmade garments in my closet (so far!).  This year I'm taking the plunge and pledging to wear a handmade garment each day of May.  I'm also going to focus on completing a pair of jeans in May.  I may regret saying that.  If I don't post the finished product by May 31st, kindly forget I ever mentioned it. 

I'm not sure how I'll be documenting this but I know it won't be with a blog post every day.  The Flickr group, perhaps?

In other news, I very recently started an Evolution of a Sewing Goddess Instagram page.  I have one post.  One.  Tune in because you don't want to miss anything! Maybe I'll use Instagram to document Me-Made-May?!


  1. I think it's great that you now have enough handmade garments to wear one a day for the month of May :) I have also just signed up to Instagram, and just cannot figure out how to use it! I feel like a very old person unused to technology lol! I just can't work out how you start to make your page. Is there a tutorial or anything you'd recommend? I love your blog posts, they are definitely quality over quantity, and that is meant in the best way possible :)

    x Sam

    1. I took it as a compliment even without the clarification! If you are using Instagram on a desk top I can see why you thought you were crazy for not being able to figure it out. I logged in to see and there is not a photo button on the site. I do all Instagramming from my smart phone with the Instagram app. I did locate this tutorial on YouTube but I have no idea if it would work or not. It seems like a lot of downloading.

    2. Thank you for replying :) I have have had a look on the app now, and there do seem to be quite a few pages of well explained information, so I shall look more into it over the next week, and check out the video you linked to :)

  2. Last year I did Me Made May but with quite a lot of repeating of items. But I've also managed to get my wardrobe into a much better shape so I'm looking forward to it.