Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sewing Goals for the New Year

I sewed my first A-line skirt in March 2012. Since then I've sewn several clothing items but have never felt like I have a clear sewing plan that fits my lifestyle.  What better time to form a vision than the New Year?  I stay at home with my kids so I need clothing that is realistic for that lifestyle but still looks pulled together.  I live in the Midwest where the weather is constantly changing so I think it will be easiest for me to stay on top of my goals if I break them down by seasons.

Winter 2014:

1. Colette Anise: My first project is going to be a Colette Anise in a teal wool/cashmere.  I know I just said I need clothing that is realistic for a stay-at-home mom, but I bought this fabric at Mood in LA over the summer and I have been dying to turn it into an Anise. I'll just look extra dressy at Toddler Open Gym.

2. Grainline Archer shirt:  Instead of throwing on a cotton t-shirt and cardigan I would love to put on a button-up and cardigan.  I have the pattern and the fabric and it's second in my queue.

3. Sewaholic Renfrew: I've had this pattern for quite awhile but haven't managed to produce one because I'm afraid of my serger and sewing with knits.  I've purchased a Craftsy class for the occasion as well as the fabric.  Now I just need the nerve.

4. Jean-ius: I have a habit of hoarding Craftsy classes but then never actually viewing them.  This was the first one I purchased.  If I can somehow figure out how to reproduce my skinny jeans from Gap I would be over the moon!

Big goals for winter and only a few more months to accomplish them!

Spring/Summer 2014:

1. Sewaholic Saltspring: At first I wasn't that excited about this pattern but when I saw the versions popping up around the blogosphere I decided I would like it.  I have rayon challis ready for this one. 

2. Sewaholic Cambie: I made a muslin of this over the summer but got derailed by other projects.  My first version is going to be in a rayon challis I already have purchased.  I have not one but TWO weddings (one in May and the other in June) this year.  If the dress comes together I'm going to try to make two more for the weddings.  My current plan is to use a dark silver silk georgette from Mood for one.  Nothing like aiming high......

3. Sewaholic Thurlows: Continuing with my Sewaholic theme, Thurlow shorts with a Renfrew top would work wonderful for a summer uniform. 

4. Colette patterns: I'm not sure how fast I'll be sewing, but I would love to make another Parfait or try out the Lily dress. 

Fall 2014:

The only item I'm adding for fall is a coat using a burnt orange wool I bought last year.  I'm going to wait and see what patterns come up this year!

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  1. We have very similar goals for the RTW fast this year. I have a bad habit of sewing cocktail dresses and fitted skirts when 95 percent of the time I'm running around in jeans and t-shirts. The Grainline Archer is on my to-make list, too, and I'm a Craftsy class hoarder as well. Best wishes for a successful year. :)