Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blackwood Cardigan and 3 Birkin Flares

I've been busy sewing but not busy blogging! I'm on a mission to make clothes I need, so once they are finished I throw them on and go on with life instead of pausing to take pictures.
The Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan is going to become a new favorite pattern of mine. I love how it's an open front that sits close to the body.  I am not a fan of boxy cuts, and I chose the shorter version because I don't gravitate to longer cardigans either.
The Blackwood Cardigan is easily a one day project if you're focused. There are minimal pieces to cut, and construction consists of sewing the fronts and back together, putting on the sleeves, putting on the cuffs, sewing the bottom band and sewing the front band.  No closures!
Fabric for the cardigan came from Style Maker Fabrics.  Don't you love the color? The quality is great.  The shirt is the Sewaholic Granville in fabric from Hell Gate fabrics.  
I made three new pairs of Birkin Flares in September and October, which brings my total to 5.  I've blogged the two previous pairs before here and here, so I won't go into details here. I like the fit through the hips and the flare that covers my shoes, so why not have more than one or two pairs?  The above fabric is Ralph Lauren stretch denim from Mood Fabrics.  The following two fabrics are also from Style Maker Fabrics.

It feels good to put together an entire outfit of separates! Happy Halloween! 


  1. You are amazing! I love all of your separates, and the Blackwood cardigan is the bomb.com! I saw a YTer make one, and LOVED her version too! Your pants look like RTW...any tips for topstitching?

  2. I have no tips! I just use the edge of the foot as a guide and a longer stitch length. If it’s not perfect I just live with it

  3. Such a lovely outfit! They can all be worn seperatly too though, which is an added bonus! I love the colour of your photos cardigan.