Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit

I once purchased a swimsuit from JCrew in the size I buy clothing in.  Big mistake. I managed to get it on but I honestly thought I was going to have to call someone over to my house to help me get out of it, like maybe a paramedic.  It was that tight.  The next year JCrew made a big announcement about how they were going to start selling swimsuits in sizes that corresponded to clothing sizes like it was the brightest idea ever. 
I'm very late to the Bombshell party and I have nothing to add that isn't already on the blogosphere or the very detailed sewalong on the Closet Case Files site. It's a great swimsuit pattern that is very flattering, which is something everybody says so it must be true, right?!
The peacock fabric makes another appearance here. It doesn't really have a retro vibe but I think the colors are very pretty.  There is a lot of gathering on this pattern which makes it very flattering but took me a long time to complete.  I love to wear gathers but I find them tedious to make.  I never can seem to make them even.  Do you see how it's nice and gathered around my waist in the above picture but then looks like I got tired and bored around the bum?
This was my first experience paddle boarding.  I loved it even though I was only on the board long enough to get the pictures. 
I'm done with spandex for awhile.  It's not really my favorite to sew with but when you need a new suit and you're a RTW faster you don't have many options.  I've missed wovens.  My next make is a woven and I find myself being more excited to sew because of the change in material. 

Anybody else making a swimsuit this season?  Or paddle boarding?!


  1. It looks amazing on you! And because the pattern is busy you don't notice any inconsistencies in the gathering. I'm so glad you shared this. I made the other version http://ooobop.com/bombshells-and-seashells/ and whilst I love it, I'm not sure I like all the attention when I go for a swim at my local pool! I'm going to do the same as yours... in black!

  2. Love the fabric and pattern is perfect for you!

  3. That's an adorable suit! Good Job!

  4. That looks really great, well done! I love the pattern on the fabric that you've used.
    It looks really professional.