Sunday, October 5, 2014

Two Sewaholic Renfrews: Stripes and Chevrons

The Sewaholic Renfrew pattern is officially my go-to tshirt pattern. It's so easy to make and comes with all the sleeve variations and neckline variations that I want.  This is my first time sewing with stripes and chevrons.  I'll do stripes again but definitely not chevrons. 

It was easy to line up the stripes on the sides but the sleeves didn't work out so well.  I was stretching the sleeves and shirt to fit each other and that messed up the stripes.  I'm too lazy to tear out serger stitching and I'm thankfully not a perfectionist so I can handle it.  I'll get better as I go along.

I have an early version of this pattern and didn't realize that the instructions are wrong on the cowl neckline variation.  It says to sew the cowl with wrong sides together.  I did that and then looked at the online tutorial to make sure I was doing the rest of it right.  That's when she clarified that it's actually supposed to be sewn right sides together. 

It's not perfect but I anticipate wearing this top a lot this winter.  The material is a nice hefty weight and it looks cute with a jacket.
And then we have the chevron top. Grrrrrr.
I picked out this material last winter before I'd ever made a knit top.  I actually made this one before the stripes because I wanted to practice.  This was one of those projects where I knew it wasn't working but I also had no idea how to even begin to make it work.  After awhile I gave up matching the chevrons and just sewed it together matching the edges.  It's a disaster but guess what? I've worn it three times.  And twice people have said, "Cute top."  The material doesn't have much recovery.  In hindsight it wasn't a good choice for this pattern but with each knit project I learn more about what works and what doesn't.



  1. I think your tops are great!! I LOVE that Chevron fabric you used. I haven't bought any more striped fabric myself because they frustrate me with the matching. I have found that it is easier to work with stripes when you cut them correctly. Nice job!

  2. They are both cute, but I agree with you that working with knits is a continuing learning experience!

  3. I love them both.
    My next project is a cowl Renfrew but in plain.
    I've just made a striped top. I think with the sleeve and bodice stripe matching issue it is never going to be perfect and it also depends on the shape of the sleeve head. In the past I've aimed to match the stripe where the front and back sleeve notches are and let the others fall in to place where they will.
    I also find cutting out striped fabrics a real chore!

  4. Love the tops and the way you improvise when things don't go along as planned. Nothing better than a knit top!

  5. I love the tops. I agree.....sewing with knits is a continual learning process. I have just begun the process also.

  6. Hello Andrea, just to say I have nominated you in a 'blog hop' as I really enjoying seeing your sewing and style. If you'd like to join in there are a few questions over in my blog hop post.