Friday, May 30, 2014

Me-Made-May '14 Round-up

My challenge was to wear two handmade garments per week in addition to making three pieces that I can wear in my everyday life.  I think I got the job done on the first part but I only made one garment for everyday wear.  That Sewaholic Cambie dress ate up the majority of my sewing time this month. I opted to get photos where I wore the item so that I could show myself how easy it is to wear things I've made.  That sometimes involved having strangers take my photo which was only awkward for a few minutes. Here's my round-up!

Day 1: Sewaholic Minoru at the Bernina store.

Day 2: Colette Sorbetto at the antique store:
Day 2 (evening): Sewaholic Hollyburn for a night out.  I love this skirt and I want to make more.
Day 6: Colette Sorbetto again at the library:
Day 8: Colette Sorbetto (unblogged) at Billy Vanilly in Lawrence, KS which makes the most wonderful cupcakes in the universe (and I don't even like cake!)
Day 10: Colette Sorbetto again, only this time I'm snacking on frog leg tacos at a food truck festival.
Day 14: Sewaholic Minoru again at the supermarket.  Yes I push two carts and yes that's the easiest way to do it.  If they're together in the car cart they're throwing punches by Aisle 3. 
Day 17: Sewaholic Cambie at a wedding. 
Somewhere around this time I wore this dress to church but even I won't ask someone to take a picture of me there.
Day 25: Hollyburn again to my oldest son's basketball tournament.
Day 26: Colette Hawthorn on a trip to the fruit stand and park with my kids.

Day 30: Colette Moneta on a run to the paint department at Home Depot. My almost 3 year old took this and I was pretty impressed by his accuracy.
 A couple of things while writing this: 1) Apparently I only sew Colette and Sewaholic patterns and 2) I need to make more tops.  Or maybe if I just make a million Monetas I'll be alright.  


  1. I can't decide which creation I like best. Love the knit dresses and the skirt has to be a favorite. Modeling the clothing all around with the boys is very entertaining!

  2. You had a great Me Made,May!! I like tge Colette Sorbettos. I will have to give that pattern a try. Your sons are so cute!!